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A Polaroid photo that developed in slow motion before the eyes of those who were immortalized on film, was until recently the sensation. And before that, it was the portrait painter who could capture his client on canvas. So there has always seemed to be a wish to own someting everlasting, a memory, something with soul – especially in our digital time. Every portrait, every photo can be produced and also manipulated digitally! But not a handdrawn portrait. A portrait from an artist – painter, sketcher, silhouette artist is absolutely unique.

Gunther Gerger comes from the field of classical cartoons and is also a magnificent portratist. He combines the sharp eye on the essential with the speed of caricature. His live drawing sessions are sought-after fix points with enduring impression for big events, company incentives, weddings, family celebrations and more. No matter which event, people stand in line to be drawn by Master G. Within a few minutes, the drawing is finished, and just as fast framed in an attractive medallion. The medallions can be worn around the neck or as a brosche (also as A6 postcard as remembrance of a special day). An absolute eye-catcher and popular communication tool when people come together to celebrate. 

Contact us to talk about all the details around your event or big day. Whether for 10 or 100 or more people – the portrait artist will eternalize all your guests on paper in the blink of an eye! As normal caricature or also as the unconventional option of  “ass with ears“, particularly appreciated in art circles. Both are possible. Furthermore, guests feel more connected with their brand or event. Portraits can also be embellished with your logo and date. It's up to you! :-)

Scroll to the bottom of this page to see photos from the last event where I sketched.

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